About Me


Nice to meet a fellow kindred crafty spirit!

Corinne Blake here in case I haven’t already said.  So I’ll start with the obvious; I love paper crafting!  I made my first pop-up book in kindergarten and have been playing with paper ever since. Growing up my bedroom was always a mess of craft supplies.   Not much has changed over the years except I now have an entire room dedicated to my craftiness instead of a single cabinet.

I feel very fortunate that creativity is a huge part of my full time job too.  I work with my family in our custom picture framing shop and art gallery.  I’ve been working there on the official payroll for 13 years; unofficially I’ve been at the gallery my whole life 🙂

Picture framing gives me the opportunity to be both a designer and a craftsman.  I have learned a lot about color, balance, design and workmanship that crosses over into my personal creations. Because of my job, I also have a love relationship with fractions.  This is super handy when I set out to create my 3D projects and it is good news for you because I have already done the math!

Other fun factoids about me:

  • I am a born and bred Tucson, AZ girl: never lived anywhere else!
  • As a desert rat, I have no concept of “cold”.  It’s time for sweaters if it dips below 70.
  • I have a most fabulous hubby, Bob, and he is a ballroom dance instructor.
  • Consequently, I ballroom dance too (the waltz is my favorite).
  • I love to read!  Give me a good book, a cup of coffee and I can easily sit for hours on end.
  • And lastly, as I write this little list, I’m binge watching Midsommer Murders for the 6th (7th? 9th?) time.